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Warm Algae Marine Wrap

Warm Algae Marine Wrap

Обычная цена $150.00 SGD
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Using Dead Sea Salt and Red Algae Seaweed directly from the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea Detox Body Treatment effectively detoxifies the body, reduce water retention, smoothen the skin and imbue it with rich minerals and trace elements for healthier, brighter skin.


Dead Sea Mud has been used to treat a variety of health conditions ranging from Psoriasis to back pain.

We use Maria Galland's latest Algae and Red Seaweed Marine Mud derived from the Dead Sea: it supports microcirculation and the skin's natural regenerating process. It supplies the skin with much needed moisture and minerals for healthier skin.

Covered in a warm wrap, your body feels comfortable as if you were in a cocoon. Your pores open up to absorb the trace elements and minerals; you sweat out impurities and water retention. You feel immediately lighter, refreshed and better after the treatment.

Sweating is experienced during the treatment and you feel immediately rejuvenated the treatment with reduced bloating and stomach discomfort. 

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