Deep Tissue Massage



With L'Essenza

We believe that confidence comes from having beautiful skin. 

And everyone should be given a chance at smooth, radiant skin. Understanding what you want to achieve is only step one in the journey to flawless skin - we prescribe the right treatments and products for your skin needs and explain exactly why you need them. Just as we like our doctors to be transparent about our body and the medicine they prescribe to us, we tell you how we help you achieve the skin you have always dreamt of.

But don’t dream for too long… We are making beautiful skin your reality now.

Face Treatments

Our facial and skin care treatments are crafted and customised for every skin type in Singapore. Simply share your skincare problems and concerns with our therapists in Singapore and we will recommend the appropriate Maria Galland facial treatment to help you achieve a healthier glow with brighter and clearer skin.

Body Treatments

Our body treatments treat your body discomforts, rejuvenate your skin and give you the silhouette you have always looked for with our unique body treatments. Smoother skin, reduced water retention and bloating, relaxed shoulders and a brand new you? L’Essenza’s got you covered.
"To me, good skin is not perfect skin - otherwise, we will all look very plastic. To me, good skin should look healthy and give you the confidence to face the world without too much cover-up. Good skin requires cleansing, treatment and nourishing it. And L'Essenza has taught me over the years when to use the right treatment at the right time for my skin."

Helen Luk

"Having lots of sleep, clean diet and having a good skin care routine is how I maintain my skin. I chose L’Essenza because of the therapist - how tireless and dedicated she is to helping me achieve beautiful skin. My pimples and breakout have cleared up and I have no worries when I am with L’Essenza - they will always treat my skin, just as they have for the last 8 years."


“Good skin should be clean, clear skin - one that I can walk out without any thick make-up. I have been with L’Essenza since my colleague recommended me in 2003 and my skin has improved significantly - my open pores are visibly smaller now and sensitivity is controlled. The beauty therapist is very patient and knows her job well, and after each treatment, she explains how to maintain and enhance the results of the treatment.”

Wei Ling

Cherishing my skin as I age, and I’m glad to be embarking on a journey with @lessenza.sg ✨ Due to my work nature, my skin is sensitive and often stressed out by sun and sweat, and it’s time to do some spring cleaning and detox! Not neglecting the body, I had my first body treatment with seasalt scrub and warm sea mud, the experience was so comfortable that I fell asleep 😂 Check out my stories for detailed write ups for my first facial consult too! :) Can’t wait to fully de-congest my face ♥️


Starting from ground up, you can never be too young to start taking care of your skin. I started my skin care regime 2 years back (really late) as i was lazy & i didnt think that it was important 🙃 But after adulting for a year, having shoots under hot sun, getting sunburnt, sleeping late, etc. i realised that i’ve aged ALOT (not gracefully) 👵🏻 Started my L’Essenza journey recently! They gave me what my “thirsty” skin & fatigue body needed! 💆🏻‍♀️ Good things must share, will be posting more about the treatments i’ve received on my stories! Can’t wait to be youthful again ✨💯