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Maria Galland 560 Lumin'Eclat Beautifying Cream

Maria Galland 560 Lumin'Eclat Beautifying Cream

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Daily illuminating comforting ally of skin submitted to a hectic life. The skin submitted to a hectic daily rhythm of life deserves to be illuminated.

When the skin's natural antioxidant defense system is overwhelmed by external or internal oxidative stress sources, an imbalance among skin’s biological functions could appear. Fine lines, enlarged pores, dead cell accumulation, dehydration tend to emerge, and the skin’s ability to reflect luminosity could be impacted.

At the heart of the formula: a Provence rose extract and other luminosity-boosting actives act for a more even skin, a smoothed texture surface with blurred fine lines and pores. They help to better unveil the skin’s natural radiance. They have been combined in this cream formula with a selection of phytonutrients assisting in skin barrier strengthening and with an antioxidant shield helping the skin’s self-protection mechanism.

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