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Lumin'Eclat Skin Radiance Treatment

Lumin'Eclat Skin Radiance Treatment

Обычная цена $220.00 SGD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $220.00 SGD
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Maria Galland’s latest treatment was created for women of 2020 - busy, juggling multiple roles and yet in need of good skin care. As we head into our 30s, many changes are occurring - job promotions, getting married, having children, adapting to the changing demands of the world… and more.

The Lumin’Eclat Treatment understands - it was designed to revive the skin and its luminance, erase signs of fatigue and stress and reverse any premature signs of ageing.

Physiology Massage for the Facial Muscles

The unique physiology massage performed during this treatment was designed by Dr Jacquard - a physiology specialist who is an expert in muscles.

Using effective effleurages and massage movements, the facial muscle is exercised to give your facial contours renewed definition, firmness and tone.

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New Active Ingredients, Enhanced Radiance

  1. Flash Correcting Complex containing soft-focus microspheres, pearlescent pigments, ceramics and soybean extract evens the complexion and illuminates the skin with a pearly glow - giving your skin a natural glow effect.
  2. Night Recovery Complex with shea butter, academia and apricot kernel oil regenerates the skin and provides it with much needed hydration and nutrition. It smooths and softens the skin.
  3. Complex of monk’s pepper and Vitamin E gives the skin radiance thanks to its brightening effect and firms, smooth and neutralises the skin of free radicals.
  4. Complex of 4 blossoms containing cowslip, violet, eyebright and silk tree blossom extract soothes, smooths and evens the skin for improved luminosity in the skin
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