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Inspira:Med Youth Preserve Anti-ageing Face Cream

Inspira:Med Youth Preserve Anti-ageing Face Cream

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Youth Preserve Cream is a completely new skin care cream for beautiful, youthful skin. The key lies in the activation of repair enzymes (telomerases), the increased synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid plus protection of the telomeres which are responsible for the cell division.

The highly-active repair stimulating lipids are the special feature in this product. These lipids verifiably protect the skin cells from oxidative stress; the telomerase repair system remains active and premature telomere degeneration is prevented.

The additional content of rice peptides boosts the activity of repair enzymes. External influences (oxidation and UV radiation) cause less damage to the genetic material. The cells are more vital and live longer.

Youth Preserve Cream has a restorative effect on the skin tissue, which can be seen by the reduction in expression marks and wrinkles plus the increase in skin density and skin thickness. The cream has a lipid content of 29%. This emollient cream for vitalizing demanding skin is optimally suitable for women who are looking for a more rich treatment cream product.

Purpose and function

  • Prolongs the skin’s youthfulness

  • Helps to repair cell damage

  • Fortifies the skin's barrier structure and increased tissue density 

  • Beautiful skin in the long term with smoother and more even skin

  • Intensively moisturizing and moisture-retaining

Main active substances

Youth Molecules: Repair stimulating lipids to protect the skin cells against oxidative stress; the repair enzyme telomerase remains active and premature telomere degeneration is prevented; the skin is restructured, the density of the dermis increased and wrinkles smoothed
An in vitro study revealed the following results:

  • Collagen synthesis: +483%

  • Hyaluronic acid: +35%

  • Protection of cells against oxidative stress: +34%

  • Protection of mitochondria and cell nuclei against oxidative stress: +76%

  • Stops telomere shortening: +21%

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