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Inspira:Med Tri-Phase Skin Cleanser

Inspira:Med Tri-Phase Skin Cleanser

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The Tri-Phase Skin Cleanser that transforms 3 times: starts as gel to adhere to the surface of the skin and then turns into an oil. The oil binds with make-up, sunblock and other pollutants on the skin and effectively removes it. The oil then transforms into milk when washing the skin with water. This cleanser thoroughly removes oil- and water-soluble particles like intensive make up, sebum and environmental pollution very gently.

The formula does not dry out the skin and cares with high quality sunflower oil. Panthenol soothes and the high performance moisturizer Pentavitin® with 72 hours long term effect intensively moisturizes already when cleansing. Suited for all skin types.


Apply to the skin in the morning and the evening and work in circular motion. The cleanser now becomes oily and by adding water a cleansing milk appears. Now simply rinse with water. Then apply the usual day or night care.

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