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Inspira:Med Premium Age Protector Sunscreen SPF 30

Inspira:Med Premium Age Protector Sunscreen SPF 30

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Premium Age Protector SPF 30 protects the skin against UV radiation and simultaneously lends it a brighter and more even complexion. It also reduces existing age spots and prevents the occurrence of new pigment shifts or redness. The skin is intensively smoothed and the pore profile refined.

Particularly after a fruit acid treatment, the skin is thinner and therefore reacts more sensitively to UV radiation. Following each fruit acid treatment and a further 4 weeks afterwards, it must therefore be protected with a high light protection filter to avoid pigment shifts. Premium Age Protector SPF 30 is the ideal day care following an inspira med treatment. It guarantees the skin an evenly bright complexion and perfect protection against UV radiation.

Purpose and function

  • Protects the skin against UV radiation 

  • Reduces existing age spots and prevents the formation of new pigmentation flecks

  • Refines the pores for a more even skin profile

  • For a visibly more even and brighter complexion

  • Improves skin regeneration

  • Reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles

  • Protects against red spots 

Main active substances

Age Spot Corrector: Liposomally encapsulated extract of garden cress and liposomally encapsulated genistein (biologically active substance from the soya plant); verifiably brightens age spots

Radiant Skin Complex: Highly-active plant complex of Rabdosia Rubescens and Siegesbeckia Orientalis; inhibits melanin absorption into the keratinocytes, has a soothing and antioxidant effect, promotes an even, radiant complexion

An in vitro study with a 3% solution of this complex revealed the following results:

Effect on brown flecks (melanin)

  • 45% lower melanin content
  • 34% lower uptake of melanosomes in the keratinocytes 

Effect on red flecks (hemoglobin)

  • 44% decrease in vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)
  • 60% reduction in vascular sensitivity 
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