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Hot Stone Relaxing Body Massage

Hot Stone Relaxing Body Massage

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Using high quality basalt stones that get heated up to 50 degrees Celsius, our massage therapists expertly effleurages key acupuncture points to release tension and pain on the back.

The heat encourages blood circulation to remove toxins while soothing sore joints and muscles - your body will thank you for the relief after the treatment.

Placing the stones on key acupuncture points along your spine, your back feels immediately relieved and comfortable.


1. Heals and Cures Old Injuries and Improves Joints

The Hot Stones are first massaged over the body to warm it up - helping your muscles to relax and loosen. It is then placed on strategic acupuncture points - the heat from the Hot Stones penetrate deep into your body to heal old pains and injuries. This helps to relieve existing aches and pains and your body feels relaxed instantly.

2. Improves Your Sleep Quality

Overworking and stress not only leads to increased fatigue - it may mess with our sleep cycle. The heated Hot Stones help to release the tension in your body and sooth your muscles and joints so that your body feels more relaxed - leading to better sleep quality. After the massage, you feel more alert, active and positive.

3. Relieves Back Pain and Shoulder Aches

Let’s admit it - we all have pretty bad posture from looking down at our phones and hunching at our desk all day. This can lead to stiff shoulders and tight knots on our back - tell the masseur where it aches and she expertly releases the knots in your back, leaving your back feeling relaxed and soothed.

4. Improves Blood Circulation and Detoxifies Your Body

The Hot Stones are placed on important acupuncture points on your back, palms and shoulders - helping to release tension and improving blood circulation. This helps to release toxins and improves mental clarity. You mind feels refreshed.

5. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A study done in 2001 showed that a 10-minute massaged improved cardiovascular responses - the Hot Stones are heated to help increase the body’s receptiveness to the body oils used to calm the senses. Your mind automatically relaxes during the treatment and you feel rejuvenated.

6. Boost Immunity

According to a study done in 2010, a single session of massage therapy had a positive and acute impact on immunity. The blood samples taken before and after the massage showed that this was due to a decrease in arginine-vasopressin, a hormone that helps regulate blood pressure and water retention.

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