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661 Lift Expert Rich Firming Cream

661 Lift Expert Rich Firming Cream

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The 661 Lift'Expert Firming Cream gives your skin an immediate anti-ageing effect by targeting the 3 key processes responsible for collagen breakdown and ageing on your skin. It protects your skin from oxidative damage, stimulate collagen production and strengthens the skin's natural barrier for healthier, younger skin.  

Key ingredients include ice wine extract to protect your skin's collagen protects against oxidative damage, milk thistle extract to inhibit the glycation process that stiffens the collagen proteins. Lastly, polypetides reverse the natural drop in cell activity by stimulating collagen production. Plant oils and shea butter strengthen the barrier function of the skin’s lipid layer.

Your skin regains comfort and firmness. Its texture is smoothed.

Make time an ally. Not an enemy. 


  • Complex of Plant Oils (Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Passionflower) and Shea Butter - the combination of different plant oils and shea butter makes this complex soothing and nourishing. It protects skin against dehydration and restores the hydrolipid barrier.
  • Ice Wine Extract - obtained from grapes harvested when the temperature falls under -7 °C. This process enables grapes to be obtained with high concentrations of polyphenols, which are known for their antioxidant properties.
  • Milk Thistle Extract - combined with tocopherol and carnosine, milk thistle extract inhibits glycation, a process that tends to stiffen collagen proteins.
  • Polypeptides - by stimulating collagen production, polypeptides act on cell activity, which diminishes naturally as the years go by.
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