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Maria Galland 640 + 661 Lift Expert Beauty Set

Maria Galland 640 + 661 Lift Expert Beauty Set

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The must-have set to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin through innovative ingredients proven to improve skin elasticity and smoothness after continuous usage.

661 Lift’Expert Rich Firming Cream

The 661 Lift'Expert Rich Firming Cream nourishes deep down and has a positive influence on your skin’s natural aging process. Its formula does not target one, but rather three factors responsible for the breakdown of collagen.

Ice wine extract protects the collagen proteins against damage from oxidative stress.
Milk thistle extract inhibits the glycation process that stiffens the collagen proteins.
Polypetides reverse your natural drop in cell activity by stimulating collagen production.
Plant oils and shea butter strengthen the barrier function of the skin’s lipid layer.

Your skin regains comfort and firmness. Its texture is smoothed.

Make time an ally. Not an enemy.

640 Lift’Expert Serum

83% Lifting Index*

A new generation of anti-aging peptides works in synergy with a precious ice wine extract to stimulate cell activity, increasing the production of collagen and elastin. Skin is immediately firmer, tighter and smoother. Wrinkles are significantly reduced and facial contours redefined thanks to pioneering actives. At the same time, the revolutionary AGE CONTROLMGcomplex fights glycation and oxidation to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance for longer.

*Bag seen in image is limited to the stocks available and is not guaranteed upon purchase.

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