The Brand

The Brand

Our humble beginnings did not start with a 5-year business plan, marketing strategies or revenue projections.

It started with one woman’s passion to treat skin the way it should be: with respect and love. The best treatment is the right treatment for your skin condition; the best products are the ones your skin need. This dedication has remained with us since 1998.

Skin Deep Knowledge

Understanding the science behind your skin and why it reacts the way it does is our job - which is why we take training our beauticians very seriously.

Going to France annually is not all play and no work; we get trained by international beauty trainers to understand how the skin works and what it needs to bring your skin to absolute perfection. Our knowledge of the skin goes beyond skin-deep.

Results and Satisfaction

Surviving in an extremely competitive industry since 1998 is no mean feat - our customers have stayed with us for as long as L’Essenza has been around. We promised them beautiful skin and we have been delivering since then.

The Right Prescription

If 30 years in the beauty industry has taught us anything - customers often don’t know what they need. They know the end goal: less acne, brighter skin, smoother complexion. They then set on a journey to find the products they think will help them achieve what they want & end up causing more harm to their skin.

At L’Essenza, we promise to prescribe only what your skin needs to help achieve that end goal you want. No hard-selling, no unnecessary products; just the ones your skin need to achieve what you want.

Care Beyond the Treatment

We hate spending a ton of money to get bad after sales service too. That’s why we check in on you after every treatment to monitor your skin’s progress, and ensure you are using the right products to prolong the effects of your treatment.