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561 Lumin'Eclat Perfecting Face Cream

561 Lumin'Eclat Perfecting Face Cream

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Daily radiance-to-go care for skin submitted to fast pace of life.

What about having a daily ally to ensure skin submitted to intense life the most beautiful radiance throughout the day?

Certain signs like fine lines, enlarged pores, dead cell accumulation, dehydration could appear when the skin is submitted to an intense rhythm of life. It often means that the skin's natural antioxidant defense system had been overwhelmed, leading to an imbalance among skin’s biological functions. The skin’s ability to reflect luminosity is then impacted.

At the heart of the formula: a Provence rose extract and a photo-perfecting technology act for a more even skin, a smoothed texture surface with blurred fine lines, pores and shadow areas. They help to better unveil the skin’s natural radiance. More particularly, the photo-perfecting soft focus and pinky-brown pigments fuse with the skin to fit all skin tones, they spread instantly and evenly over skin, without leaving any trace of their original colors, to better optically diffuse light and bring back radiance, even without makeup. They have been combined in this formula with a selection of phytonutrients assisting in skin barrier strengthening and with an antioxidant shield helping the skin’s self-protection mechanism.
  • Extract of Provence Rose - For more uniform skin, a smoothed surface, blurred fine lines and pores, with the skin’s “natural” radiance restored.
  • Photo-Perfecting Technology - Illuminates skin and helps fade pores, fine lines and dark patches for a refined, radiant look.
  • Infusion of Phyto-Nutrients - Moisturizes, nourishes, remineralizes, and restores the skin’s barrier function and hydrolipidic film.
  • Antioxidant Shield - Protects skin against oxidative stress damage induced by a hectic lifestyle (stress, fatigue, blue light, pollution, diet, toxins).
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