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469 NUTRI’VITAL Anti-dryness Expert Face Cream

469 NUTRI’VITAL Anti-dryness Expert Face Cream

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Need an S.O.S treatment for the driest areas? This cream with its melting texture will remedy this, soothing advanced skin dryness and reducing roughness.


469 NUTRI’VITAL Anti-dryness Expert Cream has been created to respond to the needs of very dry and rough skin by means of precious nutrients, together with revitalizing and protective actives, infused at the heart of its fine-texture formula. All these actives work in synergy to give comfort back to skin and help it to restore its barrier function. They also help to improve the skin’s self-protection mechanisms in the face of external stress factors, to guard against new impairment of its barrier function.

Active Ingredients: 

- Combination of Squalane and a blend of natural oils and butter

- Extracts of Papaya and Bunch-Flowered Narcissus

- Vitamin E and Extracts of Wild Radish and Nasturtium 

- Madecassosside

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