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1000 MILLE Le Sérum

1000 MILLE Le Sérum

Giá thông thường $664.90 SGD
Giá thông thường Giá bán $664.90 SGD
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Activates skin youthfulness for a global anti-aging effect deep down.

A true activator of youthfulness, 1000 MILLE Le Sérum, with a highly concentrated formula, penetrates right to the heart of skin to diffuse an intense anti-aging effect.

The combination of apple stem cells and highly moisturizing actives revitalizes and stimulates skin regeneration. Wrinkles are softened, and skin regains firmness and suppleness. A combination of flower extracts balances, tones and evens skin. Finally, protective and restructuring actives strengthen the skin barrier, soothe, lift and redensify skin.

Day after day, signs of age are softened, and the skin smoothed and firmed. Perfectly moisturized and regenerated, it reveals new youthfulness.


Hydrates intensively, smooths and rebalances skin.


Stimulates skin energy and provides radiance.


Soften wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.


Reduces visible signs of aging, restructures skin and maintains its youthfulness.

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