Anti-ageing and Wrinkle Removal Treatments in Singapore

Anti-ageing and wrinkle removal facial

Lift Expert Anti-Ageing Treatment

See 96% visible lifting in just 75 minutes.

The new definition of lifting through science. Ageing occurs as a result of reduced skin metabolism, oxidation and glycation. Using innovative anti-aging peptides and active ingredients, the Lift Expert treatment stimulate fibroblast activity in the deeper skin layers and collagen production, resulting in increased skin firmness, redefined facial contours and renewed youth.

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Anti-ageing and Wrinkle Removal Treatment

NCTF Non-Invasive Hyaluronic Treatment

Signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin are often noticeable. Luckily for you, we, at L’Essenza, are able to offer you one of the best wrinkle removal solutions here in Singapore. Known as the New Cellular Treatment Factor or NCTF, this anti-aging and wrinkle removal treatment uses a micro needle roller to penetrate the dermal filler NCTF 135 HA® into the skin, especially at wrinkled areas. The Hyaluronic Acid content of the filler works tremendously well to bring back the firmness, elasticity and hydration levels of your skin by replenishing it with all the important minerals your skin needs. This helps to effectively remove wrinkles and other signs of ageing for women in Singapore.

Our NCTF Anti-Ageing Facial will plump up your face, and make you look younger and effortlessly radiant!

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Frequently asked questions

Anti-ageing and Wrinkle Removal Treatments

Do anti-ageing treatment really work?

Our anti-ageing treatments focus on prevention and treating signs of ageing through scientifically proven ingredients and methods. This ensures that you see an immediate difference after just 1 session - and constant maintenance of your skin will keep your skin looking firm and plump.

When do I need to start doing anti-ageing treatment?

Research from Maria Galland has shown that ageing begins from 25 years old. This means that collagen production and cell renewal slows down - which also leads to poorer protection against skin oxidation and pollution. Starting early to prevent signs of ageing is definitely beneficial to keeping wrinkle and pigmentation formation at bay while keeping your skin looking supple and smooth.

Are your treatments invasive?

Our anti-ageing treatments rely on manual methods and high quality ingredients for the ultimate natural solution to anti-ageing. One of our most popular anti-ageing treatments is the Lift Expert Treatment, which uses a face massage developed by dermatologists to stimulate your facial muscles.

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