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Maria Galland 63 Overnight Peeling Lotion

Maria Galland 63 Overnight Peeling Lotion

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Gentle exfoliating lotion for a renewed complexion night after night.

A solution for those wary of harsh peeling products. Crafted for nightly use, this lotion gently eliminates dead skin cells while reinforcing your skin's natural defenses.

What sets it apart? A trio of 3 gentle actives:
  • PHAs (Polyhydroxy Acids) delicately exfoliate, improving skin's texture and radiance. Unlike traditional AHAs, PHAs are renowned for their skin-friendly properties, making them suitable for any skin types, even more sensitive types.
  • Panthenol ensures an even gentler formula by soothing and calming.
  • Vitamin B3 brightens your complexion, reduces age spots, and minimizes fine lines.

Say goodbye to abrasive exfoliants and embrace a nightly routine that treats your skin with the utmost care.
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