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760 Activ'Age Fine Cream

760 Activ'Age Fine Cream

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Instant firming cream: gives the skin more comfort, firmness and density.

Thanks to specific replenishing ingredients in its light and refreshing texture, 760 ACTIV’AGE Fine Cream activates the beauty of mature skin. By stimulating cell vitality and strengthening the extracellular matrix, artichoke leaf and flowering tobacco peptides help to improve skin density, increase skin firmness and visibly reduce wrinkles. A patented extract of raspberry stem cells, a kidney bean stem cell extract and a highly efficient anti-pollution complex assist in protecting the skin against aging induced by UV rays and oxidative damage. The skin is more supple, visibly smoother and enveloped in a pleasant feeling of freshness. Due to its texture, this cream is suitable for normal to combination/oily mature skin.

*Test results based on a user trial conducted with 40 subjects (aged 45-64) after application of 760 ACTIV’AGE Fine Cream under dermatological conditions over a period of 4 weeks; results expressed in %; average from the individual results regarding more supple, visibly smoother, well-hydrated, well-nourished skin and a feeling of overall well-being.

Active Ingredients: 

- Artichoke Leaf and Flowering Tobacco Peptides

- Anti-Pollution Complex and Stem Cell Extracts 

- Tripeptide 

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