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440 Nutri'Vital Serum-in-Oil

440 Nutri'Vital Serum-in-Oil

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A real vector of active ingredients, this nourishing and revitalising serum has an oily texture with a dry, silky finish for absolute comfort.


440 NUTRI’VITAL Serum-in-Oil, with a silky texture, is dedicated to dry to very dry skin with the infusion of precious nutrients and revitalizing and protective actives that is at the heart of its formula. All these actives work in synergy to give comfort back to skin and help it to restore its lipid levels, thus re-establishing its barrier function. They also help to improve the skin’s self-protection mechanisms in the face of external stress factors, to guard against new impairment of its barrier function.

Active Ingredients:
- Combination of Squalane and a blend of plant oils 

- Blend of Omega-3 and Omega-6, together with Sea Buckthorn Pulp

- White Peony Extract combined with Vitamin E 

- Soothing Complex and Prickly Pear Extract

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