Pigmentation Skin Treatment in Singapore

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Pigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone Treatment

Soin Dermatologique Pigmentation Treatment

Using highly active ingredients to effectively lighten pigmentation marks and brighten the skin, this treatment focuses on reducing melanin production to help you achieve a more harmonised, even and illuminated skin tone.

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Frequently asked questions

Pigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone Treatments

Is seeing a dermatologist better for my pigmentation?

Our pigmentation treatments use active ingredients to target the melanin and reduce signs of discolouration on the skin. Over-stimulation of melanin can cause increased activity, which is why some of our customers see increased pigmentation despite seeing immediate results after a laser treatment. However, we will respect our customers' decision to choose a treatment most suitable for their skin.

Do pigmentation treatments really work?

Treatment and results will depend on the severity of the pigmentation - however, constant maintenance of the skin through treatments and good skin care will definitely prevent and reduce discolouration on the skin.

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