Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment

Skin Detox Radiance Treatment - lessenza

Deep Cleansing Facials

Skin Detox Treatment

Just as our bodies need detoxification from time to time to remove unwanted waste and toxins, our skin needs it too. A deep cleansing treatment that complements and boost the effectiveness of other treatments by allowing your skin to breathe again!

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Cocoon Foam Mask Facial - lessenza

Deep Cleansing Facials

Cocoon Foam Mask Treatment

Continuously working under stress or being exposed to pollution can cause enlarged pores, pimples and oily skin. However, you can still protect your delicate skin with an appropriate deep cleansing facial treatment.

At L’Essenza, we offer the refreshing Cocoon Foam Mask Treatment that leaves you with soft and nourished skin. This deep pore cleansing facial in Singapore first begins with an effective massage where our skilled masseuse kneads from the shoulders up to your face. There are selected acupuncture points on which we perform aesthetic draining. This deep cleansing facial treatment allows you to relax while we detoxify your pores and facial tissues and revive cellular metabolism. Next, we wrap your face with gauze and apply the famous Foam Mask, and then let it set beneath another layer of gauze. This ‘cocoon effect’ raises your skin temperature from 6 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius, allowing the foam to work its magic on your skin.

Your skin will feel re-energized and refreshed after our deep cleansing facial treatment!

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Thalasso Rejuvenating Face Treatment - lessenza

Deep Cleansing Facials

Thalasso Rejuvenating Treatment

Caring for your skin while busy with work is not easy. That is why L’Essenza offers the Thalasso Facial Treatment to ensure that you receive the ultimate care in the mid of your hectic schedule.

The term ‘Thalasso’ means ‘sea’ in Greek, which is exactly what this deep pore cleansing facial treatment is all about. The deep cleansing facial harnesses the power of the sea with its refreshing and invigorating Algae Mask.

Before the mask is applied, our masseuse will first pamper you with a detoxifying drainage massage by working on your facial muscles. Then, the light green Algae Mask is applied evenly across your face and neck. Its alginate-based minerals such as Blue Spirulina contain proteins and amino acids that regenerate and moisturize the skin, while reducing excessive transepidermal water loss. It also contains Aloe Vera that increases collagen and helps to improve the elasticity of your skin, protecting it against ageing.

The end results? A well-toned youthful skin and a happier you!

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Deep Cleansing Facials

Men's Skin Treatment

Our Men’s Skin Treatment understand that men and women have different skin: we tailor a treatment just for men to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin. Tell us what you want to achieve with your skin and we do the rest.

Frequently asked questions

Deep Cleansing Treatments

Why do I need to deep cleanse my skin?

Deep cleansing treatments increase cell regeneration for stronger, healthier skin. Our treatments focus on eliminating dead skin cells, reduce congestion and allows your skin to breath again through active ingredients. We recommend deep cleansing treatments for all skin types to keep your skin healthy and happy with constant maintence for beautiful skin.

How often do I need to do a deep-cleansing facial?

We recommend deep cleansing your skin once every 2 weeks to once every month. The frequency depends on your skin condition.

What's the difference between a deep-cleansing treatment and an oily skin treatment?

Deep cleansing treatments are suitable for all skin types and is essential to maintaining the health of your skin. Oily skin treatments focus on reducing sebum production to treat the cause of oily skin and acne formation.

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