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The Ultimate Man Facial Guide in Singapore

It is now an old school of thought that facials are only for women – and that guys magically have good skin. Guys can experience the same puberty acne, show the same signs of premature ageing and suffer from skin sensitivity too. It is time for us to embrace men having facials to improve and enhance their skin – and they are not any less manly for it. Men can definitely benefit from facials just as much as women can.

Why Consider a Facial?

Having a facial is a lot like dining out at a restaurant – you probably could replicate the experience at home, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good without the necessary tools, ingredients and required expertise. However, put your skin in the hands of a beauty therapist and they’ll be able to diagnose your skin accurately and prescribe the right treatment and home care so that you not only look your best but feel it too. After all, a facial is to be enjoyed and pampered.

Do Men Have Different Needs Than Women When It Comes to Facials?

While the inherent make-up of skin is the same for both men and women, there are slight differences: men’s skin is oilier, hairier, ages differently and is thicker. This difference is even more pronounced if the man in question sports a beard. Hence, choosing a beauty therapist that understand these differences and is able to prescribe alternative treatments for extra effectiveness is key to a good facial for men.

Depending on your skin type and needs, the beauty therapist should be able to explain why and how your skin came to be, a good course of action to improve and enhance your skin and the home care that will prolong the results of your facial. At L’Essenza, we have many male customers that come to us for a multitude of skin problems: from teenage acne to skin sensitivity caused by shaving, signs of premature ageing and more.

All About Facials

What are Extractions?

Many people often fear extractions because it can be the only unpleasant part of a facial – it is the process where the beauty therapist clears clogged pores by popping pimples and removing blackheads. While some customers do request to skip this step altogether, we strongly advise against it for optimum and long-lasting results.

Acne, pimples and blackheads are caused by excess oil (sebum) pushing out through your many hair follicle on the skin and getting stuck in between the skin layers. This first forms a white and/or blackhead, which then worsens into a pimple or acne if it becomes inflamed due to dirt and bacteria. Thus, you can only truly unclog the pores by extracting it and allowing your skin to breathe again. By doing so, your skin can be cleared and smoothened, and it can fully absorb the nutrients of any skin care you are using.

When and How Often Should One Get Facials?

Perhaps the first time you contemplated getting a facial is when your mom or partner asked you to. Perhaps it was in preparation for a special event. Regardless, getting a facial doesn’t require a special occasion – it is simply to care for your skin.

But it is important to remember that facials are treatment. They often involve products and cleansing techniques your skin might not be familiar with, which is why they sometimes leave skin temporarily irritated, flushed, and blotchy. Occasionally, they cause minor breakouts a couple of days later. This is very common – after all, your skin has just been treated and the dermal movement can stimulate the bacteria that was in your skin to begin with. By doing a facial, you are essentially purging bacteria from your skin – thus the breakout is a good thing after a facial. You are just on your way to better skin.

Hence, always prepare your skin at least one to two weeks before a special occasion so that it can look its best for the big day.

The frequency, however, should be maintained at one to two times a month. Depending on your skin type and how severe your skin condition is, it is important to have maintenance facials to encourage cellular regeneration and improve skin health.

How Much Do Facials Cost?

It varies widely in Singapore – you have cheap facials ranging from $28 to $58 and higher-end facials costing $200 to $500 per session. Choosing a good beauty salon is not just based on price – it depends on the skills of the beauty therapist, the products used, the range of facials available and the reviews.

Sure, a cheap facial might do the trick – or it could worsen your skin condition if they are not using good products or simply are not knowledgeable enough about the skin to treat it properly. In some cases, customers swear off facials because of a bad experience they had – rude employees who are pushy and don’t know what they are talking about, little results or negative side effects after the treatment and more.

At L’Essenza, we have treated both women and men’s skin with different skin types and varying severity of skin conditions. Our beauty therapists are not only professional – they are constantly trained to treat the skin and our choice of skin care brand marks our dedication to results. We use Maria Galland, a French skin care brand developed by dermatologists for long-lasting effectiveness despite a higher cost because we only want results for our customers.

Call us at 63370060 if you have always wanted to improve your skin but don’t know how. Men deserve healthy, beautiful skin too.