Let your skin breathe again

The New Art of Cleansing


The Skin’s Ecosystem

The 3 pillars of pure, glowing skin are:

  1. Skin pH

    The slightly acidic pH of the skin (5.5) plays a key role in maintaining hydration, youthfulness, glow and balance.

  2. Skin Microbiome

    A balanced community of microorganisms on the surface of the skin. The skin microbiome keeps skin healthy, protecting it against invasion from harmful organisms responsible for its main disorders.

  3. Hydrolipid Barrier

    The integrity of the lipid barrier is crucial to preserving hydration levels and protecting against environmental factors.


Skin Detox Deep Cleansing Treatment

The Skin Detox treatment includes 100% manual, skin-friendly cleansing with proven efficacy. Your skin feels as if it is detoxified and it can breathe again.

Kaolin (Natural Clay), Vitamin B6

Gently absorbs any impurities on the skin and instantly purifies and refreshes the complexion.


An exfoliator that removes dead skin cells very gently, assisting the effects of the care products applied afterwards. The perfect exfoliator for anyone who prefers effective exfoliation without abrasive particles.

Papaya Complex, Horseradish Tree Extract

A creamy, pasty mask which removes dead skin cells, absorbs sebum and pollutants, and reduces imperfections to reveal refined, clarified skin and a radiant complexion. Restores the skin’s pH after exfoliation during the treatment.

Glycolic Acid, Fruit Acid Extract, Fruit Enzyme Complex

Charcoal particles absorbs all impurities gently. Instantly purifies and refreshes the skin, revealing an even, radiant complexion.