Detoxifying Seasalt Body Scrub Treatment


With high concentrations of minerals and trace elements, sea salt reduces skin and rheumatic disorders. The rich minerals also restore moisture to the skin cells while removing dead skin cells- resulting in supple, glowing skin after the treatment.


Warm Dead Sea Mud Therapy


Dead Sea mud is highly effective in reducing water retention and cleansing your pores thoroughly. The heat retaining mud retains heat and allows you to feel comfortable and soothed; reducing any joint inflammation, muscle aches and bruises by improving blood circulation.


Hot Mask Firming and Slimming Treatment


Channeling the natural power of the earth, the Hot Mask Body Treatment utilizes a deep-acting, self-warming mineral mask to firm and tone your body, lightening signs of cellulite and achieving a slender silhouette.


Waxing (Hair Removal) Treatment


The use of resin wax allows the removal of the entire hair without breakage. Removing straight from the root, the effect is long lasting and effective with minimal discomfort.