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Soin Dermatologique Rogeurs Treatment

Soin Dermatologique Rogeurs Treatment

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Created to treat red skin, the Soin Dermatologique Rougeurs Treatment is extremely effective in stimulating micro-circulation and strengthening the capillary walls - visibly reducing redness and irritation.

It also reduces symptoms of Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis with rich, hydrating lipid-containing products. These active ingredients stabilise the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier; helping to protect the skin from moisture and lipid loss.

The skin is soothed and formation of new redness is prevented. Your skin no longer feels itchy, flaky and uncomfortable.

The Treatment

Red, Couperose and Rosacea skin are all characterised by red patches on the cheeks and nose, caused by poor blood circulation. In normal skin, momentary flushing occurs when dilated capillaries bring blood to the surface - these then contract, pushing the blood away again. In red skin, however, the capillaries remain dilated so the blood remains at the surface, giving rise to a permanently flushes and irritated complexion.

This treatment not only treats skin redness, but strengthens the skin to prevent future redness with active ingredients.

To test the efficacy of the Soin Dermatologique Rougeurs Treatment, dermatologists assessed a sample of 19 people with Rosacea and Couperose - participants saw a significant improvement in skin redness after using the products twice daily for 8 weeks.

Red, sensitive skin is caused by poor blood circulation - the SD Rougeurs Treatment stimulates microcirculation and strengthens the skin for immediate results.


  • Intensity of the red veins is visibly reduced by 32.8%
  • Skin redness intensity is reduced by up to 45.8%.
  • Physical appearance of the veins is reduced by 49.7%.
  • Overall appearance is improved by up to 56%.


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