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Soin Dermatologique Pigmentation Treatment

Soin Dermatologique Pigmentation Treatment

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This treatment uses luxurious products with highly effective ingredients to help you achieve a more harmonised, even and illuminated skin tone.

The Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is a distressing condition which can affect any skin type. It is caused by an excess of melanin - the Soin Dermatologique Pigmentation Treatment minimises the effects of hyperpigmentation by diminishing dark spots and brightening the complexion.

The treatment brightens the skin and fades unsightly pigmentation marks, guards against new ones from forming and protects the skin from the effects of pollution.

To test the efficacy of the Soin Dermatologique Pigmentation Treatment, dermatologists assessed a sample of Asian females and males - participants saw 60% reduction in pigment spot intensity and significantly brighter skin.


  • 83% reported that their skin became lighter
  • 80% of customers saw an improvement in their skin complexion
  • 63% improvement in intensity of pigment spots
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