Experience the Lumin’Eclat Effect

Let’s celebrate the launch of Maria Galland’s latest face treatment, Lumin’Eclat! An intensive life, full of energy and always in the fast lane? Help your skin keep up with your vibrant lifestyle with this new method of beauty care, feature an exclusive treatment, innovative active ingredients and efficient lifestyle tips.

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Shiatsu Face Lifting Massage

Through a unique Shiatsu face massage, your lymph nodes are detoxified, reducing water retention in the skin.

Your facial muscles are “exercised”, giving you a sharper and v-shaped jawline. Be awed by the immediate slimming results you see.

Instant effect, all-round skincare

  1. Complex of Grapeseed extract with Vitamin E regenerates and protects against UV-induced skin aging - especially important for a sunny climate in Singapore

  2. Algae, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid Complex provides intensive moisture, soothes and minimises fine lines


Shanice Koh, Beauty Editor

My first session with L’Essenza introduced me to Maria Galland facial techniques and skincare products.

I thought it was a very memorable and unique treatment because aside from the usual extraction and mask steps, it included a face massage that targets lymph nodes on our face (reduces swelling and removes toxins).

And I say it’s memorable because I swear it somehow slimmed my face down! I had a shoot the very next day and the effects were obvious! My annoying double chin also looked reduced.