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4 Best Facials for Premature Ageing and Ageing Skin

In a previous post, we discussed about the importance of knowing and understanding your skin type. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Normal skin: balanced oil glands and sweat glands

  • Oily skin: overly active oil glands

  • Dehydrated skin: lack of water in the skin

  • Dry skin: lack of oil in the skin

  • Sensitive skin: may result from dehydrated skin, or from genetic reasons

  • Ageing skin: not a skin type, but a process we can slow down!

Today, we discuss facials perfect for combating signs of premature ageing - preventing and reducing wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging skin.


Ageing Skin

This is not a skin type; after all, it is a natural process for humans to age. However, we included it in this chart because it affects your skin and becomes visible when we turn 25. As we age, our skin tend to become increasingly dehydrated - resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, laughing lines, lack of firmness, sagging skin and pigmentation.


What causes premature ageing?

We are more prone than ever before to premature ageing - and there’s a variety of reasons why. Some of these reasons are inevitable, and others - controllable through taking care of your skin with good treatments and products so that your skin remains youthful even as we age. Here are some preventable reasons:

  1. UV Exposure - this is the reason sunblock is key in your skin care routine! Sun exposure is the skin’s primary cause of skin ageing through oxidative stress. Also known as Photoageing, prolonged exposure to the sun will also cause uneven skin colour tone and pigmentation.

  2. Environmental Pollution - pollution can trigger the release of skin damaging free radicals, which lead to dull, tired skin that is unable to renew itself efficiently, leading to premature ageing - earlier signs of wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation.

  3. Poor Nutrition - having a good diet that contains anti-oxidants and the nutrients needed to combat damage from sun and pollution exposure is key to slowing down skin ageing. However, with today’s busy lifestyles, many people tend to neglect a good diet rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to neutralise the free radicals that damage the skin.

  4. Too Little Care - if you have good skin naturally without needing much care, it may be good in your early years, and a problem in later years. Good skin still needs to be taken care of and maintained to ensure its youthfulness as we age. Just as we need to maintain a healthy diet and physical activity to keep our bodies healthy, our skin needs to be taken care of.

Where does ageing occur?

Well - if you guessed every part of your skin, you’re right. Ageing happens in every layer of the skin.


The skin consists 3 layers - the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. Changes within the skin’s layers show themselves on the surface as signs of ageing.

Epidermal Layers

As we age, cell turnover and lipid protection reduces - this causes roughness and dryness on the skin’s surface. As the epidermis ages, it is increasingly sensitive to UV light and the skin is less efficient at healing itself. This can cause skin infections and slower wound healing due to a reduction in skin immunity.

Dermal Layers

Research has found that there is a 1% annual decrease in collagen from the age of 25 - as one of the foundations to keeping our skin plump, firm and youthful, this decrease leads to dermal tissue disorganisation. The skin structure is compromised and wrinkles start to form. Skin elasticity is also reduced, which can lead to skin damage and broken capillaries. Reduced blood flow means a less efficient delivery of nutrition and oxygen to the surface. This leads to a decrease of the rosy glow enjoyed by youthful skin.

Subdermal Layers

The biggest signs of ageing come from changes in the size and number of lipid-storing cells in the adipose layer. This decrease causes a loss of volume in the skin, leading to deep wrinkles, hollow cheeks and reduced wound healing.

The Right Treatment for Premature Ageing and Ageing Skin

While ageing is an inevitable process, it is important to take care of your skin to prevent premature ageing to maintain our youthful appearance. Through good treatments and skin care products, we can provide our skin with nutrients to slow down ageing.

1. Lift Expert Treatment

The perfect treatment to not just prevent ageing - but to sharpen your jawline and achieve a tighter, smaller face.

The Lift Expert Treatment recognises that the ageing process is a complex, multifactorial process where genetics and environmental factors play a role and is a result of (1) Reduced skin metabolism, (2) Glycation and (3) Oxidation.

Specially crafted to combat premature ageing, the treatment uses a unique face massage that instantly sharpens the face, reduces double chin and lifts up your facial contours. You see a 96% instant lift after the treatment.

Active ingredients used include Anti-ageing Peptides, Ice Wine Extract and a unique Age Control Complex to capture and neutralise free radicals before they damage the cells and protect it from oxidative stress and damage.

2. Hydradermie Lift Treatment


A lifting treatment that deep-cleanses your skin and thoroughly reduces impurities.

The Hydradermie Lift Treatment uses micro-currents to eliminate toxins from your face, which helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Your facial muscles are stimulated to increase the firmness of your skin and lift facial muscles and skin tissues to instantly reduce sogginess, fine lines and wrinkles.

A relaxing massage to detoxify and nourish the skin ends of the treatment to removes traces of fatigue from the skin.

3. NCTF Treatment


The NCTF Treatment goes beyond preventive measures, it instantly reduces signs of ageing for a youthful and smoother skin appearance.

Known as the New Cellular Treatment Factor or NCTF, this anti-aging and wrinkle removal treatment uses a micro needle roller to penetrate the dermal filler NCTF 135 HA® into the skin, especially at wrinkled areas. The Hyaluronic Acid content of the filler works tremendously well to bring back the firmness, elasticity and hydration levels of your skin by replenishing it with all the important minerals your skin needs. An effective wrinkle treatment to reduce signs of ageing for women.

Research has shown that there is a 72% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, 132% improved overall hydration and 256% increased collagen synthesis in the skin. This treatment is the perfect non-invasive, non-surgical option to looking younger!

4. Cryolift Treatment

Cold therapy has been used for a long time to promote healing through rapidly reducing the skin’s temperature. The Cryolift Treatment treats the skin from the dermis to the epidermis by shocking the skin through its cold therapy and is completely painless.

It uses a strong flow of carbon dioxide and an active anti-ageing serum at a low temperature and high pressure. It rapidly tightens skin pores and firms facial muscles. Your skin cells are then awaken and reactivated with an anti-ageing luminotherapy, rebuilding the natural collagen production of your facial skin and effectively removing wrinkles. Using active ingredients containing 12 vitamins, 24 different amino acids and minerals, the treatment increases micro blood flow in the skin to reverse the aging process.

Cryo and Light Therapy

  1. Controlled analgesia - the rapid inhibition of nerve conduction enables deep massage without any discomfort.

  2. Dermocryophoresis - the thermal regulation of the dermis leads to a rapid succession of vasoconstriction and vasodilation in the microcirculation, generating a pumping effect.

  3. Skin oxygenation - the activation of the cutaneous micro-circulation promotes better cellular oxygenation, thereby optimizing their metabolism.

Keeping your skin youthful, firm and tight is a lifelong journey to prevent and slow down ageing. Looking your best no longer needs to be a chore - find out how our treatments can help give your skin the nutrients it needs to combat premature ageing. Call +65 63370060 for a personalised skin consultation and see your best skin!

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