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The Personalised Answer to Good Skin - Boosting Your Skin!

Last week, we discuss 6 Non-Skin Related Factors that may be Causing Bad Skin: this week, we are telling you how to combat that. With 6 Ultim’Boosters specifically created to target specific needs according to your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, hormones and more factors, you can be sure that your skin will receive all the right nutrition it needs.

Using specific active ingredients to not only solve a skin need; but prevent it in the future, these 6 Ultim’Boosters are essential to beautiful, radiant skin. Whether you have dry, sensitive skin, or oily and acne-ridden skin, or tired and dull skin, we have something for you!

001 Ultim’Boost Hydration


The ultimate booster for the busy go-getter:

  • Exposed to cold temperatures (the a/c counts too!) - the cold dehydrates the skin

  • Surrounded by environmental pollution - the dust gets trapped in your pores and block the skin’s ability to breath, which may lead to dry, dull skin

  • Lack of sleep

Using the Ultimate Permeability Enhancer Technology and 3 main active ingredients, the 001 Ultim’Boost Hydration uses the Hydra Booster Complex to instant rehydrate and nourish your skin cells with the nutrition it needs.

  1. The 4-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Mix moisturises deeply, instantly and long-lastingly by penetrating the skin and nourishing the skin cells

  2. Crystal Rock revitalises the skin cell for a refreshed and brighter glow by bringing essential minerals and trace elements to the skin cells

  3. An Apple Extract & Cell Booster protects the skin from dehydration - ensuring that your skin is moisturised for at least 12 hours after application

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002 Ultim’Boost Purity


Perfect for treating those pesky acne, pimples and breakouts you get from oily skin!

  • A poor diet can exacerbate your oily skin and acne - your skin shows what your body is feeling, after all!

  • Hormones are definitely a girl’s worst enemy - an outbreak can mean an impending period ready to rain its parade for the next 7 days. The most frustrating form of acne occurs when you don’t know how to deal with the hormones wrecking havoc on your skin, but the 002 Ultim’Boost Purity is here to help!

  • A sedentary lifestyle in a permanently air-conditioned room can mean you don’t sweat at all - bliss, right? Wrong! Sweating is the body’s natural way of eliminating toxins and impurities from our body - without proper blood circulation and detoxification, your body may rebel through oily skin and acne.

  • Ah, the hot, hot weather in Singapore. This has definitely caused a lot of woes for people with naturally oily skin, and even for some without!

The Purity Booster Complex keeps your skin looking clear and matt with these active ingredients:

  1. A Lotus Flower Extract has an exfoliating effect on the skin to remove dead skin cells. This promotes faster healing of the skin as it regenerates itself - allowing your acne to recover and your pores to tighten up.

  2. The Caviar Lime brightens, smoothes and enhances the skin so that your complexion is clearer and your skin looks more radiant without the oily sheen.

  3. Wild Pistachio Gum Mastic is used to refine the pores and prevent future imperfections so that your skin continues to look radiant and smooth - acne is also reduced.

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003 Ultim’Boost Regeneration


For all of us who ain’t Wolverine… and can’t regenerate ourselves

  • If your lifestyle consists of fast food, poor nutrition and exposure to the sun and environmental pollution... Sounds like all of us then… The 003 Ultim’Boost Regeneration is here to repair your skin and boost it for better skin!

Top quality active ingredients have to be used in the Nutri Booster Complex so that your skin can receive the best nutrition for ultimate nourishment and regeneration:

  1. Native to Morocco, the Argan Stem Cell Extract is used to improve skin regeneration thanks to healing properties: it is a good source of linoleum and oleic fatty acids, as well as Vitamin E. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help fight against free radicals in the skin.

  2. A Royal Peptide is used to stimulate skin cells renewal to reveal smoother, brighter skin.

  3. The Sea Buckthorn Pulp Oil nourishes and revitalises the skin to reduce flaky, tight skin - nourished, hydrated skin naturally looks radiant and fuller!

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004 Ultim’Boost Radiance


Perfect for everyone - who doesn’t need a bit of radiance in their lives?!

  • Stress and lack of sleep can cause cortisol levels to increase - leading to an inflammatory reaction and causing damage to our cell’s natural mechanism. This results in premature skin ageing and a dull complexion. If stress and poor sleep habits sound like you… chances are the 004 Ultim’Boost Radiance is for you!

Just as Redbull boost our energy levels so that we perform better, radiant skin comes from the Energy Booster Complex for that glowy, beautiful skin we want.

  1. 24-Carat Gold is not just a gimmick in skin care products - only gold that can penetrate the skin cells and stimulate skin activity is used. Increased skin activity means increased production of elastin, collagen and all the goodness our skin needs for a radiant glow.

  2. The Energy Boost (top secret ssh!) is used to increase energy in the skin cells.

  3. A Sweet Millet Extract tightens, firms and smooths wrinkles for a fuller, more youthful appearance.

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005 Ultim’Boost Lifting


The answer to looking ever-lasting youth! Ok, we promise you look younger than your true age ;)

  • Our lifestyles (poor nutrition, lack of exercise, poor sleep cycles, environmental pollution, drinking and/or smoking) has wrecked havoc on our bodies - and many of us are suffering from signs of premature ageing. Early signs of laughter lines, eye bags, dull skin and saggy skin is commonplace - the 005 Ultim’Boost Lifting is our answer to firmer, tighter skin!

The Lifting Booster Complex contains precious ingredients:

  1. Diamond Complex is used to lift, tighten and smooth the skin for a fresher, youthful appearance. The skin looks plumper and fuller - in a good way! It also protects your skin from external aggressors.

  2. Swiss Ice Wine firms, hydrates and reduces wrinkles in the skin so that it feels nourished, comfortable and young.

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006 Ultim’Boost Uniformity


The answer to uneven skin complexion, pigmentation and dark spots!

  • Sun exposure without proper sun care is one of the biggest, and most common mistakes we make! While we need our Vitamin D, UVA and UVB rays definitely take a toll on our skin as prolong exposure can cause freckles, pigmentation and dry, wrinkly skin.

  • Hormones and genes also definitely play a role in uneven skin colour tone and pigmentation - but the 006 Ultim’Boost Uniformity is here to even out those uneven skin colour and prevent pigmentation from forming!

The Uniformity Booster Complex contains active ingredients to protect the skin from sun exposure and evens out skin colour for a uniform skin appearance.

  1. White Peony Extract brightens the skin and protects it from future sun exposure damage. This is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your skin’s melanin production and prevent dark spots from forming.

  2. Pearl Extract hydrates, nourishes and smooths the skin. Contrary to many people’ belief that dry skin is better than oily skin - dry skin will lead to increased appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles as the skin cannot regenerate itself due to dehydration.

  3. Cress and Soy Liposome reduces and prevents dark spots for a more even complexion.

  4. Pea Extract regulates melanin synthesis, especially after prolonged sun exposure - your melanin production may be out of whack, leading to pigmentation, freckles and dark spots. It also brightens the skin.

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