The Best Skin Treatment for Every Type of Woman this International Women's Day

The Best Skin Treatment for Every Type of Woman this International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! 

Women support women - and while we may all be women, we are uniquely different and have different skin. Here's a rundown on which skin treatment may be best for you this IWD!


Congratulations on your upcoming big day! We are so excited for you - and hope the planning isn't stressing you, and your skin out! Let's achieve that bright, radiant skin for your big day because you deserve it on your most important day!

We recommend the Skin Detox Radiance Treatment to get the ultimate glow on your biggest day. It contains Vitamin B6, Papaya Complex, Horseradish Tree Extract, Fruit Acid Extract and Enzymes to boost your skin with nutrition. The active ingredients used not only eliminate toxins on the skin’s surface, it also thoroughly deep-cleanses your skin from within and imbue it with all the right nutrition. 

The Skin Detox treatment includes 100% manual, skin-friendly cleansing with proven efficacy. Your skin feels as if it is detoxified and it can breathe again
Let's couple that with the Dead Sea Detox Body Treatment to reduce any excess water weight and brighten the skin for a perfect wedding gown experience! A total body rejuvenation in 1 treatment - the Dead Sea Detox Body Treatment comprises two of our signature body treatments. The Detoxifying Dead Seasalt Scrub prepares the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells for healthier, brighter skin while penetrating into the bloodstream to effectively flush out toxins.

The Algae and Red Seaweed Mud is applied thereafter in a warm wrap to sooth the body while imbuing it with rich minerals and trace elements. You will feel soothed, relaxed and your skin will be amazingly smooth after the treatment. 

Boss Babe

We are so proud of you and all your achievements! Amazing work! We can only imagine how busy and stressed you must be after all that hard work juggling the different aspects of the business.

We recommend the Mosaic Hot Modelling Mask Treatmentthis treatment targets each individual area of your skin for maximum results. Our skin is complex and treating it individually (e.g. an oily t-zone and a dry cheek and chin area) can help bring back your best skin while you continue hustling.  

The Hot Mask is not one size fits all - whether you have an oily T-Zone with sensitive cheeks, dry skin with acne or other ailments, different products are tailored to the individual needs of your skin. The thermal effect of the subsequent mask optimises the infusion of the active ingredients and promises extraordinary results.


A 24/7 job that we should all appreciate our mothers for - even if for just a little more. Whether your child is 2 or 20, one thing never changes - your constant back pain from carrying the child, or carrying their problems. We recommend a relaxing Hot Stone MassageUsing high quality basalt stones that get heated up to 50 degrees Celsius, our massage therapists expertly effleurages key acupuncture points to release tension and pain on the back.

The heat encourages blood circulation to remove toxins while soothing sore joints and muscles - your body will thank you for the relief after the treatment. Placing the stones on key acupuncture points along your spine, your back feels immediately relieved and comfortable.

Let's pair this with a Lift Expert Radiance Treatment. Using a manual face massage created by dermatologists to exercise your facial muscles, this treatment immediately lifts your face for a younger and v-shaped appearance. This treatment is a must for its relaxing duration and immediate results.


Lucky you - we wish we could be jetting around the world constantly too! The Lumin’Eclat Treatment is essential for busy jet-setters - their skin is in constant limbo with changing climate, water quality and environments and this treatment nurses the skin back to optimal health with all its active ingredients.

The treatment contains a Flash Correcting Complex with soft-focus microspheres, pearlescent pigments, ceramics and soybean extract to even the complexion and illuminates the skin with a pearly glow - giving your skin a natural glow effect immediately. Complex of monk’s pepper and Vitamin E gives the skin radiance thanks to its brightening effect and firms, smooth and neutralises the skin of free radicals. Essential for skin undergoing constant change and stress, this treatment is a must! 

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