Empowering confidence through beautiful skin

At L’Essenza, we believe that confidence comes from having beautiful skin. And everyone should be given a chance at smooth, radiant skin. Understanding what you want to achieve is only step one in the journey to flawless skin - we prescribe the right treatments and products for your skin needs and explain exactly why you need them.

Just as we like our doctors to be transparent about our body and the medicine they prescribe to us, we tell you how we help you achieve the skin you have always dreamt of.

But don’t dream for too long… We are making beautiful skin your reality now.


“I have been a client of Donna’s for nearly 11 years now and always been extremely satisfied with my facials. Donna’s expertise and competence are outstanding and her personalised treatments show excellent results. As I travel frequently, I sometimes get facials elsewhere and more than once other beauticians have commented on how well my skin looks – all thanks to Donna and her skill!”


Our Treatments


Maria Galland Face Treatments

Maria Galland facial treatments worldwide have always promised premium beauty skin care with immediate and visible results. Our facial and skin care treatments are crafted and customised for every skin type in Singapore. Simply share your skincare problems and concerns with our therapists in Singapore and we will recommend the appropriate Maria Galland facial treatment to help you achieve a healthier glow with brighter and clearer skin.

Do not hesitate to contact us at +65 6337 0060 to find out more about our Maria Galland facial treatments in Singapore! Alternatively, click here to learn more about our brand and goals. 

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Body Treatments

We work too. We experience the same persistent ache on our right shoulder, or the uncomfortable tightness from sitting too long.

Our body treatments treat your body discomforts, rejuvenate your skin and give you the silhouette you have always looked for with our unique body treatments.

Smoother skin, reduced water retention and bloating, relaxed shoulders and a brand new you? L’Essenza’s got you covered.


We love the skin and treating it right. If you love it as much as we do, reach out to us and we will craft something just for you- and your skin. 

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