The Basalt Stone

A volcanic rock containing high silica and iron content, Basalt Stones are able to retain heat for a longer time. We use high quality Basalt stones heated to 50 degrees Celsius to effectively loosen tight knots and sore spots.

414B Caressing Massage Oil

This composition of the most luxurious oils bewitches your senses and moisturises your skin. Hazelnut oil has regenerative, restructuring and moisturising properties and is known for its anti-aging effects.


The Hot Stone Massage has many healing properties - heat allows for a deeper massage that can effectively release tension and pain from your tired body. Placement of the Basalt Stones along your spine, shoulders and palms also increase blood circulation and release toxins.

Your skin is gently heated and pores are opened to better absorb the anti-aging massage oils to give your skin a renewed glow after the treatment.