Why Is My Skin Always Oily Halfway Through the Day No Matter What?

Why Is My Skin Always Oily Halfway Through the Day No Matter What?

It is frustrating when your skin gets oilier throughout the day - from a beautiful matt look to a shiny nose. Be comforted at the fact that this can happen to everyone, regardless of your skin type! 
This is because the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) have a higher concentration of sebaceous glands and they are responsible for secreting sebum (oil). Exacerbated by the hot weather in Singapore and sweat, your skin can look especially oily after just a few hours outside. 
The best way to combat this is to start using the right skin care and washing your skin correctly. 
If you have oily skin: 
Washing your skin with an overly harsh cleanser frequently throughout the day could be worsening the problem as you strip your skin of its natural oil. This oil is not the enemy - it protects your skin against enemies like external aggressors and pollution. 
By stripping your skin of this protective oil film, your skin is not only prone to sensitivity due to external aggressors - it will cause your sebaceous glands to produce even more oils to protect itself. 
What you should do instead is to find the right cleanser for your skin - and wash your skin twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser that can thoroughly clean your face without drying it out. 

Our favourite gentle cleanser for all skin types

Maria Galland 60 Refreshing Cleansing Gel

Removes makeup and the impurities of the day gently (pollutants, dirt, sun filters, etc.) to reveal fresh, revitalized skin at the end of a long day. Perfect for those who prefer refreshing foam textures.


In addition, use a moisturiser twice daily to regulate sebum production to reduce shine and acne while keeping your skin's hydrated. Water and oil are two different things - and your skin will need both. 


The best moisturiser for oily skin

Maria Galland 300 Velvet Skin Mattifying Skin

Containing active ingredients such as Papaya Extract, Algin, Maltodextrin and a Carbohydrate Complex, the 300 Velvet Skin Mattifying Cream reduces acne while keeping it hydrated. It also smooths the skin and gives is a silky soft appearance with reduced redness.


If you have dry skin: 

Your skin may be overcompensating for the skin dryness by producing extra sebum on certain areas of the face. To combat this, make sure you are using products that are keeping your skin's oil and water levels adequate - a gentle cleanser and a hydrating moisturiser that replenishes your skin's water levels while repairing the skin's barrier so that water does not escape from your skin. 

Overly dry skin can often lead to sensitive skin, and subsequently, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. If your skin feels tight and dry, especially after washing it - rethink your skin care routine and consult a professional immediately. 


The best moisturiser for dry skin:

262 Hydra'Global Light Day Cream

A daily source of hydration and energy in an ultra-sensory melting texture, 262 HYDRA’GLOBAL Light Cream gives skin a true feeling of freshness. The innovative anti-aging complexes in its unique formula energize, revitalize and protect. Hydrated continuously right around the clock, skin is smoothed, its thirst quenched. 

Reach out at +65 92201139 for a complimentary skin consultation and see how our experienced beauty therapists can help you achieve your dream skin!

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