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Effective Treatments for Male Acne and Oily Skin

Acne and oily skin is frustrating - and red, painful skin with filled with pus, blackheads and pimples can be even more so. Many teenage boys, and even men, suffer from acne, and subsequently acne scars. We discuss the causes of acne and how to effectively treat it to prevent acne scars and future outbreaks.

What causes acne?


1. Overactive Sebaceous (Oil) Glands

Sebaceous glands are tiny glands on our skin that create sebum, or oil to moisturise the skin naturally. This keeps the skin hydrated and protected from external aggressors. During puberty, the male hormone, testosterones increase sebum production - leading to increased oiliness. This excess oil remains in the pore, blocking the sebaceous duct anehnd creating a blockage within the follicle - this leads to a blackhead, and subsequently a pus-filled papule if not treated properly.

Interestingly, research has also found that people prone to acne tend to have sebum with higher levels of squalene and wax esters - this creates a more favourable environment for acne-causing bacteria.

Pro-tip: wash your face frequently with a cleanser that does not dry your skin out. Ironically, many acne cleansers are too harsh on the skin: drying the skin out and stripping it of all oils, causing the skin to panic and produce even more oil to counter the lack thereof. Choosing the right cleanser is big step in the right direction to treating your acne.

2. Bacteria

Propionibacteria acnes (P. acnes) are bacteria routinely found on most skin. When a pore is clogged by dead skin cells and sebum, an anaerobic environment is created: oxygen cannot get into the pore. P.acnes thrives in this environment - leading to increased P.acnes. This means that your acne becomes red, inflamed, enlarged and painful to the touch.

Pro-tip: do not try to squeeze the pimple out, no matter how tempting it seems. Your fingers and fingernails are full of bacteria that can and will worsen the acne - and even cause scarring as you damage the tissues on your skin.

3. Shaving

As if shaving was not enough of a hassle, acne can make it even more difficult and painful.

Take extra care when shaving - do not shave the tops of pimples of and try to avoid acne when shaving. If your blade razor is irritating your skin, try an electric to see if that helps. Sometimes what you think is acne is actually ingrown hairs, folliculitis - an inflammation of the hair follicle. Guys with curly hair in the bear area are more prone to folliculitis because the hair tends to curl under the skin.

In addition, shaving actually can cause sensitised, red and itchy skin because it removes the uppermost layers of skin cells - revealing immature cells that may not be ready. This can cause irritation from exposure to irritants, pollution, dirt and more.

Pro-tip: always seek professional help if shaving seems to be causing red, itchy skin or even more acne. Hair follicles are the root (no pun intended) of all acne, and this worsens acne for guys because they tend to have more hair and increased sebum production.

Effective Treatments for Male Acne and Oily Skin

1. Maintain good habits

  • Always maintain proper hygiene - wash your face frequently and avoid scratching at pimples with your fingers.

  • Change your pillowcase and bedsheets frequently, especially if you tend to sweat at night.

  • Avoid wearing masks for long-periods of time and change your mask on a daily basis. Use gentle soaps to wash your mask if you are using a reusable one.

  • Frequently change your razor blades and wash it thoroughly, especially if you shaved an inflamed area.

  • Use the right skin care products day and night - a proper cleanser to clean the skin, a toner to balance the skin’s pH and keep it hydrated, a moisturiser to balance sebum production and reduce shine, an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover and a weekly mask to deep-cleanse the skin.

hydra men.jpg

2. Hydradermie Deep-Cleansing Treatment

Our top treatment for treating acne and oily skin, the Hydradermie Deep-Cleansing Treatment does this through the use of positive and negative ions. A red roller, positively charged and a black roller, negatively charged, is used to imbue to skin with both positive and negative ions to rebalance the skin’s ion levels. This helps to balance sebum production and reduce oiliness immediately.

An Oxygenation treatment thereafter eliminates bacteria and impurities on the skin’s surface - while boosting the skin cells with energy. This reduces redness and inflammation while increase the skin's radiance. We prescribe the exfoliator, serum, cream and mask used during the treatment just for your skin to maximise the results you see.

3. Soin Dermatologique Impurity Treatment

The Soin Dermatologique Impurity Treatment is created and tested by dermatologists to regulate sebum production, balance the skin hydration levels, reduce acne and blackheads effectively and long-lastingly.

Using intensive and gentle peels that harvests the power of natural fruit acids and enzymes and glycolic acid, your skin is smoother in just 1 session. The active ingredients used in this treatment include Pineapple, Papaya and Fig, which helps to counteract skin roughness, increase cell renewal and stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production - this helps to heal acne scars and smoothens the skin.

Red Alga, rich in Vitamin A, C and E also maintains your skin’s nature moisture and protect it from external aggressors while reducing irritations and acne. This ensures that your skin remains hydrated throughout your acne treatment so that it does not become flaky, itchy and dry.

A good treatment should be able to keep your skin nourished and hydrated while treating your acne and healing acne scars. We have been treating acne and oily skin since 1998 - call us at +65 63370060 to book your complimentary skin diagnosis so that we can prescribe a treatment just for your skin.

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