The 6 Best Maria Galland Products of All Time

The 6 Best Maria Galland Products of All Time

Maria Galland is a pioneer in the skin care industry - even by French standards. Blazing a bold trail in the early sixties, the founder, Maria Galland, dedicated her early years to gathering extensive knowledge on how to achieve healthy, beautiful skin. She convinced dermatologists, chemists and physiologists to join her in co-creating a revolutionary new approach to skin care.

In 1962, she opened her first beauty institute in Paris and creates the iconic Méthode Mosaïque Modelante. This marks the dawn of a new movement for skin care.

"I believe in the intelligence of our needs.Today, Maria Galland perpetuates the vision of the founder to advance the movement for respectful skincare even further.

Respectful Skincare  

Maria Galland believes that beautiful skin comes from care and respect over time. All skin deserves the goodness of non-invasive routines and gestures from the start, ensuring the best lifelong skinvestment.

Respectful Formulations

Respectful with your skin. Respectful in their development and manufacture. Maria Galland's products are formulated to bring the highest quality and safety expected from skincare products. Focusing on essential actives and ingredients proven to bring the best short and long term benefits. No empty promises. Just results.

Maria Galland 2 Cream Soft Mask

A crowd favourite and I swear by this for clearer, smoother skin. This cream soft mask is not your typical mask - use it daily in the morning for 2 to 3 minutes and it gently absorbs any impurities and waste products released during the night. It instantly purifies and refreshes the complexion, providing an especially good base for long-lasting make-up.

Containing strawberry extract, kaolin and ivy extract, this mask improves the skin's microcirculation for brighter, radiant skin and tighter pores. 

Added bonus: use it on your undereyes and eyelids to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles! 

391 Multi-Protection Fluid Sunscreen SPF 50+

Your skin is exposed to external aggressors everyday: UV rays, blue light and pollition. They damage the epidermis and accelerate signs of skin aging. We love this suncreen for its light texture, skin-perfecting effect so that you can use it as the perfect base for your make-up and protective ingredients. 


Vitamin B3 and White Peony Extract are antioxidants and protect your skin from free radicals while reducing the appearance of dark spots. A photo-protect complex also helps skin recover from blue and infrared red light exposure.

68 Detox Purifying Mask

The spicier the mask feels on your skin, the better the results. 

This mask contains horseradish extract and papaya complex to remove dead skin cells. It also eliminates microparticles originating from environmental pollution and prevents dirt adhering to the skin. Wash off after 15 minutes to reveal a clear, bright complexion with visibly finer skin. We cannot rave enough about this mask because we can see and feel the difference!

161 Sensi-Repair Recovery Balm

This is our go-to for reactive and stressed, sensitive skin. Change in altitude and climate, reaction to different water and a different environment can stress our skin - leading to redness, sensitive skin and even signs of allergy. This can appear in the form of bumpy, inflamed skin, rough patches and more. 

This recovery balm uses a combination of plant extract and ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier by acting on the regeneration and renewal of facial skin, while maintaining its hydration. A combination of ingredients of natural origin containing honey of Manuka, arnica and camomile associated with hydrating and nourishing credits reduces and prevents the feelings of discomfort and redness and calms the skin. Finally, a marine complex balances and protects the skin against environmental aggressions. 

Bring this on all your trips and use it to de-stressed the skin. Rebalanced and protected, it becomes more resistant and less reactive to stress and the environment.

946 Youth Firming Cream

We love this body cream for its nourishing properties - and it also firms up the skin and reduce signs of cellulite! Containing stimulating ingredients that include matcha, corn poppy extra, firming lipoprotein and ivy extract, this is perfect to use on the arms, thighs and tummy. It firms and resculpts the silhouette and helps fight cellulite and stimulate skin metabolism. 

 Talk about a 2-in-1 body cream!

60 Refreshing Cleansing Gel

We have been using this cleansing gel for years. One of us is in our 20s, and the other in their 50s - and yet this remains our top cleanser for thoroughly clean skin without drying out the skin. 

On contact with water, this gel transforms into a refreshing foam that effectively removes all impurities. It contains Vitamin A & E and improves cell regeneration, and keeps the skin moisturised. A good cleanser is key to keeping your skin healthy and better absorb the nutrients of other skin care products. Take your pick wisely! 

Final Verdict

With so many products to choose from, choose a skincare regime best suited for your skin needs to keep your skin healthy and at its best. Whether you have dry, sensitive skin, oily and acne-prone skin, ageing skin or combination skin, there is something for you. The key is to keep your skin hydrated - because most problems come from dehydration, and to protect it.

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