Oily Skin and Acne Scar Treatments in Singapore

In need of an appropriate oily skin acne or an acne scar treatment in Singapore? Check out our range of treatments that are well-suited for all skin types!


Soin Dermatologique treatment

Crafted by internationally renowned skincare experts and tested for efficacy by independent dermatologists, the Soin Dermatologique Treatment rebalances moisture levels of the skin and protects it from acne. The unique Anti-Pollution Complex (APC) combats pollution by penetrating the skin and freeing it of pollutants. This helps to improve oxygen supply and stimulate the skin’s natural processes, ensuring lasting skin protection.

This treatment is designed to cater to different skin conditions that are often the result of the fickle weather in Singapore. Whether you have oily and acne-prone skin, multiple pigmentation scars, dry, flaky and irritated skin, or sensitive and red skin, our therapists at L’Essenza will promise you excellent results!


Filorga glykopeel treatment

As the first chemical-free dermatological peel in the market, our Filorga Glykopeel Treatment promises a brighter complexion as it helps to effectively diminish fine lines, scars and wrinkles while refining skin texture, tone and radiance just after the first session.

This gentle exfoliating peel, packed with natural ingredients, is also perfect for all skin types and does not damage the skin. Moreover, it works effectively to prevent ageing caused by excessive exposure to UV rays. Indeed, the peel will do wonders to your skin!


hydradermie deep cleansing treatment 

The Hydradermie Deep Cleansing Treatment is also useful in addressing oily skin or acne scar issues. Before the treatment, our beauty therapist will first consult you to determine your skin type and beauty goals, and then select the appropriate serum gels for the treatment. This treatment uses mild electrical currents with both positive and negative charges that penetrate the skin deeply and rapidly to draw out impurities from beneath the skin, while ionising the active ingredients present in the appropriate serum gels applied. You will also enjoy a relaxing massage afterwards that helps to nourish and tone your facial features, leaving you with a mesmerising youthful glow.

Still unsure of which oily skin and acne scar treatment will suit you? Call us now at +65 6337 0060 and speak to our beauty therapists!