Face Treatments


Our treatments are crafted and customised for every skin need- tell us the results you want and our therapists will tell you how our treatments can achieve those results and more. 


Anti-ageing Facial Treatments 

Ah, time. “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” Perhaps the greatest fear many women have is of ageing and we are constantly seeking ways to slow down signs of ageing. We are women too- we understand. Our anti-ageing facial treatments are designed to slow down time, figuratively, of course- but we promise smoother, more elastic and firmer skin after every treatment. Prevention is key here.


Oily skin and acne scar treatments 

The hot Singaporean weather can be intolerable sometimes- and the subsequent oily skin and acne can be frustrating, especially when combined with our hormones. The painful pus, blackheads and uneven skin is a difficult trio that is to be battled by our effective oily skin treatments and skilful extraction that promises no scars. 


Cleansing Facial TREATMENTS 

No matter what ailment or skin condition you are looking to cure, a deep cleansing facial treatment is always important to remove impurities from both within the skin and on the skin's surface. Our array of deep cleansing treatments thoroughly removes dead skin cells and detoxifies your pores to reveal a new glow.


Wrinkle removal TREATMENTS 

Wrinkles represent the joy and wisdom we have accumulated through our years but may not be representative of our age- young adults can have laughter lines on their foreheads, older women can have crow lines around their eyes and some are just born with smile lines around our mouth. Wrinkles are simply an expression of our everyday lives- inevitable and yet making us seem older than our true years. Our wrinkle removal treatments aim to plump up those wrinkles, boost the skin's plumpness and fill our skin with elasticity again!