Maria Galland Facial Treatments in Singapore

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Maria Galland facial treatments worldwide have always promised premium beauty skin care with immediate and visible results. Our treatments are crafted and customised for every skin type. Tell us your skincare problems and concerns, and our therapists will recommend the appropriate Maria Galland facial treatment to help you achieve the results you want.

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Anti-ageing Facial Treatments 

As Mother Theresa has said, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 

Ageing skin can be difficult for many women to bear with. Therefore, we are constantly seeking ways to slow down signs of ageing, working out the best solutions to give you healthier and youthful skin. We are women too, we understand. Our anti-ageing facial treatments are designed to slow down time, figuratively, of course but we promise smoother, more elastic and firmer skin after every treatment. Prevention is key here.

We have a range of five Maria Galland facial treatments you can choose from to meet your skincare needs. If you want firmer and toned skin, the Hot Modelling, Profilift and Cryolift treatments will suit you, while the Millie and Age Summum treatments will help to reduce wrinkles and enhance the radiance of your skin.


Oily skin and acne scar treatments 

The hot and humid weather in Singapore can be intolerable sometimes, and the subsequent oily skin and acne can be frustrating, especially when combined with our hormones. The painful pus, blackheads and uneven skin is a difficult trio that can be tackled with our effective oily skin treatments by Marie Galland, not forgetting our skilful extraction that promises no scars. 

The Soin Dermatologique Treatment will be essential for those needing protection from skin-damaging pollutants, while the Filorga Glykopeel Treatment helps to diminish acne scars and brighten facial complexion. For those wanting deep cleansing to revive your skin’s radiance, the Hydradermie Deep Cleansing Treatment will be perfect.


Cleansing Facial TREATMENTS 

No matter what ailment or skin condition you need to cure, a deep cleansing facial treatment is always necessary to remove impurities from the multiple layers within the skin, and on the skin's surface. We offer two exceptional Marie Galland cleansing treatments that thoroughly removes dead skin cells and detoxifies your pores to reveal a beautiful new glow.

Pamper yourself with the popular Cocoon Foam Mask Treatment to rejuvenate your skin, or the Thalasso Facial Treatment for a more toned and youthful look!

Still unsure of which Maria Galland facial treatment will suit you? Call us now at +65 6337 0060 and speak to our beauty therapists!


Wrinkle removal TREATMENTS 

Wrinkles represent the joy and wisdom we have accumulated through our years but may not be representative of our age- young adults can have laughter lines on their foreheads, older women can have crow lines around their eyes and some are just born with smile lines around our mouth. Wrinkles are simply an expression of our everyday lives- inevitable and yet making us seem older than our true years. Our wrinkle removal treatments aim to plump up those wrinkles, boost the skin's plumpness and fill our skin with elasticity again!