Deep-Cleansing Facial Treatment


Cocoon Foam mask treatment 

The treatment begins with an effective massage that kneads and performs esthetic draining to selected acupuncture points on the face to relax, detoxify the tissues and revive cellular metabolism. Wrapped in gauze, the famous Foam Mask is then applied. The skin looks reenergized and refreshed after every treatment.


thalasso face treatment

Perfect for busy high fliers who want to stock up on pure well-being. The Thalasso treatment harnesses the power of the sea by incorporating micro-algae in the Thalasso Algae Mask to boost the skin’s metabolism and repair stressed skin. You experience a unique feeling of invigorating freshness and beneficial relaxation. The skin is more toned and optimally moisturised. Every trace of tiredness is as if wiped away - the perfect getaway break for the skin!