Anti-Ageing and Wrinkle Removal Treatments in Singapore

Noticing wrinkles and fine lines on your face? We offer effective anti-ageing and wrinkle removal treatments in Singapore to suit your beauty needs!


NCTF Anti-aging treatment

Signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin are often noticeable, and we at L’Essenza are able to offer you one of the best solutions here in Singapore. Known as the New Cellular Treatment Factor or NCTF, this anti-ageing and wrinkle removal treatment uses a micro needle roller to penetrate the dermal filler NCTF 135 HA® into the skin, especially at wrinkled areas. The Hyaluronic Acid content of the filler works tremendously well to bring back the firmness, elasticity and hydration levels of your skin by replenishing it with all the important minerals your skin needs. This helps to effectively remove wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Our NCTF Anti-Ageing Treatment will plump up your skin, and make you look younger and effortlessly radiant!


Hydradermie lift treatment 

Skin lifting can work amazingly well for those looking for alternative anti-ageing and wrinkle removal solutions. We also offer the Hydradermie Lift Treatment that would rival cosmetic surgery. In this one-hour treatment, our beauty therapists will work your facial muscles to smooth out all your lines and wrinkles. Using micro-currents, you will undergo a drainage phase to eliminate toxins from your skin, which also helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. After which, we will stimulate the muscles on your face to increase the firmness of your skin, and lift facial muscles and skin tissues to reduce saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

To end off, you will enjoy a relaxing massage that drains toxins, nourishes the skin and removes traces of fatigue from your facial features. With regular sessions, we guarantee a longer-lasting youthful skin!

Still unsure of which anti-ageing and wrinkle removal treatment will suit you? Call us now at +65 6337 0060 and speak to our beauty therapists!