Cocoon Foam Mask Treatment

This treatment centers on well-being and relaxation. Distinguished by the Foam Mask that envelopes your skin like a cocoon, you feel well-rested and younger after each treatment.

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Deep Cleansing Treatment for Acne and Pimple

Manual Massage

This deep pore cleansing facial in Singapore first begins with an effective massage where our skilled masseuse kneads from the shoulders up to your face. There are selected acupuncture points on which we perform aesthetic draining. This deep cleansing facial treatment allows you to relax while we detoxify your pores and facial tissues and revive cellular metabolism.

Foam Mask

We wrap your face with gauze and apply the famous Foam Mask, and then let it set beneath another layer of gauze. This ‘cocoon effect’ raises your skin temperature from 6 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius, allowing the foam to work its magic on your skin.

The increased temperature allows for open pored and deeper penetration of highly concentrated active ingredients, giving it renewed energy and resilience and leaving it glowing with health and vitality.