Ceramides are Essential in Skin Care Products and Here's Why

Ceramides are Essential in Skin Care Products and Here's Why

Ceramides are commonly used in skin care products - and what makes it even more important is the fact that ceramides occur naturally in your skin. Making up about 50% of your lipid skin barrier, ceramides keep your skin healthy and locks in hydration. 

Over time, our skin's natural ageing process and the overuse of harsh skin care products can lead to the decline of ceramide in the skin. The skin's natural barrier is thus weakened and the stratum corneum, or protective outer barrier of skin is prone to cracks. 

This is why using skin care products with ceramides is essential to keeping your skin healthy, hydrated and able to defend itself against external aggressors. 

What Are Ceramides?

Ceramides are lipids and are produced in the skin's sebaceous glands. They are the glue that keeps the skin cells together and acts as a protective skin moisture barrier to lock in moisture and protect it against external aggressors. Imagine the skin as bricks - the skin cells are the bricks and the lipids are what keeps the bricks together and protect it against external aggressors. Lipids are crucial in maintaining the skin's hydration. 

Ceramides are produced naturally by the skin but can also be made synthetically for us in skin care products, especially as our skin loses an increasing amount as we age. Using ceramides in our sin care routine is increasingly important for maintaining the skin's barrier and keeping the skin hydrated and youthful looking. 

Benefits of Ceramides for Skin

Ceramides play an incredibly crucial role in the barrier function of the skin.

  • Restores the skin barrier: As our skin ages and ceramide levels decrease, it is important to use skin care products containing ceramides to restore the skin barrier. This is essential for your skin' health and reduce the first signs of ageing.  

  • Locks in moisture:  The skin barrier locks in moisture and prevents water loss - ensuring that your skin remains hydrated and healthy. This is important as dehydrated skin can look dull and be prone to sensitivity and fine lines. This also reduces the visible signs of ageing. 

  • Protects the skin: A healthy skin barrier protects the skin against external aggressors such as pollution, UV rays and more. 

  • Helps with inflammatory skin conditions: Dehydration and a weakened skin barrier can increase chances of inflammation and even conditions like eczema, rosacea, acne, and psoriasis. This also helps and improves skin redness, tightness, flakiness and discomfort. 

  • Improves acne-prone skin: Skin can become acne prone when the skin's barrier is compromised and becomes sensitive and easily irritated, leading to overproduction of oil and breakouts. Ceramides can combat these effects to help keep skin clear. 

The Best Maria Galland Products With Ceramides

For the eye area,

450 Nutri'Vital Eye Contour Cream

The 450 Nutri'Vital Eye Contour Cream offers a rich and unctuous texture to hydrate the area around your eyes. Active ingredients gives comfort back to the skin and help restores lipid levels. This re-establishes its barrier function and protect it against external aggressors for more youthful looking skin and reduces signs of fatigue like fine lines and puffiness. 

For oily skin with larger pores, 

301 Perfecting Pore Refiner

The 301 Perfecting Pore Refiner is essential to mattify oily skin and reduce the appearance of pores for smoother skin. Active ingredients include a ceramide complex and Hyaluronic Acid to offer deep cell protection and intensive moisture to combat the production of excess sebum with sufficient hydration to the skin.

For dry and sensitive skin, 

161 Sensi'Repair Recovery Balm 

The 161 Sensi'Repair Recovery Balm is essential to soothing and repairing stressed and sensitive skin. A combination of plant extract and ceramides strengthens the skin barrier by acting on the regeneration and renewal of facial skin, while maintaining its hydration. This is essential to reducing discomfort and redness associated with dehydrated and sensitive skin.

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