L`Essenza started her journey in August 1998. The reason we are able to do what we have been doing successfully for so many years? Our passion and love for the skin that drives us to excel in treating all skin, any skin.

We have remained our perseverance and dedication to improving and restoring beauty for women throughout the years.


L`Essenza was founded with the thought that it wanted to be more than just a beauty salon. A beauty salon is simply an establishment where women go to improve and enhance their skin. At L`Essenza, we want to be more than that.

We hope that when our customers come to us, they feel as if they are coming home. By providing the right treatment, your skin will become beautiful; by providing a place where one’s worries can be momentarily forgotten- this is where you can truly rest your mind and soul.


Many women wonder when it is the right time to start having facials. At L`Essenza, we believe there is no right or wrong time. We only believe in seeing results as soon as you start your journey with us. Be it 16, 25, or even 30, maintaining your beautiful skin is a life-long journey.

Here at L`Essenza, maintaining your beauty is not a chore, but an enjoyment. Providing a luxurious range of face and body treatments, you can definitely find the treatment for you, regardless of skin type or any issues you may have. Each and every of our treatments will be personalized to your own unique needs and concerns to make it the most effective treatment for you.